Sunday Hill

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KDV Dahil : ₺22,45

Portakal, Muz, Narenciye ve Çikolata

Büyük ambalajdan dolumdur

Olgun muz, çikolata karışımı üzerine portakal parçacıklarının karışımı. Narenciye tarafıyla tatlı karışım.

Önerilen Kullanım Miktarı % 5-6

Demlenme Süresi: 3-7 Gün

Büyük ambalajdan 10ml pet şişe dolum ambalajlıdır. 10ml aroma ile 168-200 ml arası ürün yapılabilir.

GDO, Acetyl Propionyl, Diacetyl, Diketon, Acetoin, Ambrox, Formaldehyd, Acetaldehyd, Acrolein, Glucose, Fructose, Lactose, Maltose, Sucrose, Potassium Acesulfame, Aspartame, Sodium Saccharin, Stevia, Şeker, Tatlandırıcı, Lezzet Artırıcılar ve Avrupa Birliği Listesindeki Alerjenler içermez.

Bu aroma, herhangi bir Genetiği Değiştirilmiş Organizma içermez. Mısır yada Soya kullanılmamıştır. Herhangi bir genetik olarak modifiye edilmiş organizma kullanılmamıştır.

Depolama koşulları: 24 Ay, Orijinal ambalajında ortam sıcaklığı (+12° C ile +22° C arasında) düzgün şekilde kapatılmış ve Işıktan korunaklı. Çocuklardan uzak tutun.
Notlar: Ürün doğrudan tüketim için uygun değildir.
Belge, mevcut analiz sonuçlarına dayanarak hazırlandı.

Üretim Yeri: Avrupa Birliği

Sunday Hill 10ml. Sunday afternoon vape as its best! Sunday Hill combines ripe banana covered with chocolate with some orange bits at top. Sweet blend with a citrus side. Recommended percentage % use: 5-6%

Product description
Appearance  Pale yellow to yellow liquid
Odour and Taste  True to standard
Physicals and chemicals Characteristics
Specific gravity (20/20)  0.942 ± 0.020
refractive Index (20°C)  1.415 ± 0.010
pH  -Flash Point (closed Cup)  >100°C
Restricted substances  -Volumic Alcoholmetric Content  27,9% ± 1%
Flavouring agents
Flavouring substances (in accordance with the regulation 872/2012)
Flavouring preparations
Carriers – Solvents
Pharmaceutical propylene glycol (35%)
Demineralized water (<1%)
Ethyl Alcohol (27%)
Additives  -Undesirable components
Ambrox  We do not add this product in our flavours
Diacetyl free  We do not add this product in our flavours
Formaldehyd free  We do not add this product in our flavours
Acetaldehyd free  We do not add this product in our flavours
Acrolein free  We do not add this product in our flavours
Glucose, Fructose, Lactose, Maltose,
Sucrose free
We do not add this product in our flavours
Potassium Acesulfame, aspartame,
Sodium Saccharin & stevia free
We do not add this product in our flavours
Ambrox  We do not add this product in our flavours
Important informations
Contains Acetyl Propionyl   No
Contains sugar or sweetener  No
Contains EU listed food allergens  No
Contains flavor enhancers  No
Other data
Shelf Life  24 months in the conditions described below
Storage Condition
Ambient temperature (+12°C to +22°C) in the original packaging
properly closed and sheltered from light
GMO statement
(Regulations 1829/2003 and 1830/2003)
This flavouring does not contain any Genetically Modified Organisms
Free – maize Free or soya Free, is not produced from any genetically
modified material, is not used any genetically modified organism in
the process and is not subject to the traceability and labelling o f
genetically modified organisms and the traceability of food.
Allergens certification
(Regulations 2003/89/EC and 2007/68/EC)
No major allergen to declare
These informations are given by our best knowledge, They permit to customers to use our products in the best
conditions to conform to the EEC regulation. Consequently, the supplier accepts no responsibilities in case of
infringement of product use as per this data sheet.
Section 3: Additional information
Storage conditions:   Ambient  temperature  (+12°C  to  +22°C)  in  the  original  packaging  properly  closed  and sheltered from light. Keep away from children.
Notes:  The product is not suitable for direct consumption.
The product intended for inhalation in electronic cigarettes
The document was prepared on the basis of the available results of analyses.
First aid measures:   Inhalation: In case of accident by inhalation, move the exposed person to fresh air.
Skin contact: In case of skin contact, wash the exposed area thoroughly with water.
Eye contact: In case of eye contact, immediately flush eyes with plenty of water, keeping
eyelids open. Seek medical attention if irritation persists.
Ingestion: This does not apply when the product is used as intended.
All information included in the product specifications is based on current knowledge and agreeable with current law regulations. Each subsequent update invalidates the previous ones. Only the us er is responsible for the product usage following current law regulations.
We declare that the product meets the requirements set out in the above specification.
The analysis figures mentioned in this certificate only serve as product description and they have been ascertained
immediately after production or import of the goods. A legally binding guarantee of certain characteristics or of
suitability for a particular application cannot be assumed from this certificate.
Improper transport and/or improper storage can cause change.
The certificate does not release the consumers from the responsibility to carry out their own examinations (on each and every batch) of the characteristics of the product and assume the suitability for intended use.

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